Works in Progress #3

The Forgotten Fields

Forgotten Fields March 15

March 15

Painted on Hot Press Illustration board, I masked off the long steering rod and painted the wispy sky first (cobalt and cerulean). Next, I mixed a heavy concoction of burnt sienna and ultramarine blue--not a lot of water but thick like a paste--and painted the black steering wheel. I used a damp brush to dip into the mix. If I put too much water on the brush or in the mix--I lose the look of black. Instead the wash becomes a shade of gray or moves toward decidedly blue or brown wash. If I keep the mix even between burnt sienna and ultramarine blue--I get a true black. But if I let one the colors dominate, the wash leans towards a blue or brown dominance.

Forgotten Fields March 17

March 17

I used a stiff piece of paper as a straight edge to protect the sky when I sponged on the texture to indicate rust on top of the tractor body. The rust color is from pure burnt sienna. On the horizon, I started to paint the trees and add the layers of grass and weeds in the foreground. I used drafting tape to mask off the metal seat support so I didn't have to worry about being careful when I sponge painted or used drybrush to depict the field.

Forgotten Fields March 25

March 25

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