Gold Cup Gymnastics

6009 Carmel Avenue NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico  87113

For the past six months, I have worked on this Dinosaur Mural for the Birthday Party Room at Gold Cup Gymnastics. These detail shots focus on one wall and a corner that is mostly completed. There is no natural light in the room and an open window looks out over the gymnastic training floor. The ceiling and what would have been the sky has been left white to reflect light. Palm tree fronds, a pterodactyl, and an exploding volcano, (complete with fiery volcanic bombs) crawl up the wall into the ceiling.

At this point, all the walls have their background washes and either a volcanic or tree covered horizon line. This week, I am working on a nest of eggs complete with a small egg stealing dinosaur in front of the open window. Once my new set of brushes arrive, I can finish the Tyrannosaurus Rex's eye, nose, teeth, and both feet. The sharper tips of these new brushes will let me add details that my old funky falling apart brushes won't permit.

All the palm trees, volcanos and mountains are finished while most of the dinosaurs are in the early stages of painting. The lake needs more work in the foreground. Once I buy more paint (I am running out of my kelly green paint and a royal blue color), I can finish the lake and and green plants along the bottom.

The area around the kitchen sink and a short wall behind the door have been faux painted. Otherwise, the walls without the mural would look unfinished and/or forgotten. Those three walls are completely finished.

Gold Cup

Gold Cup Lake
Gold Cup Window
Egg Stealer

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