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Here are some Websites of other artists whose work I admire:

Peggi Batcheck

What a show off! Her intricate still life paintings tell an intriguing story that garners many awards in national shows across the country. She is working hard on getting ready for a big one-person show and will not be entering national shows until the show is hung. Good luck Peggi!

Caroline Doucette, NEWS

Caroline paints beautiful, beautiful florals with a bright, glowing palette. Instead of a single flower, she creates a sense of rhythm with her flower beds that recedes back into the picture or marches across the front of the painting. Her American flag series sells well in Maine.

John Farnsworth
(watercolor & oil)

This is an artist who knows how to paint horses or anything that he decides to tackle. John's close cropping of the image creates a sense of drama and tension that draws the viewer right into the picture. His signature blacks set up a dramatic contrast with his highlights.

Jane Freeman, TWSA

When it comes to art, meet my twin. We paint the same subjects in almost identical poses. Jane's new series of a single iris against a light blue sky is the same painting I have on my drafting table. She got hers finished and up on her Webpage before I got mine drawn! It must be telepathy. Compare our Indian corn watercolors to experience a sense of deja vu.

Ann Pember

You think that you have seen all the many ways an artist could ever paint florals until you have seen Ann's paintings. These breath-taking images win awards in national shows all across the country. Her delicate colors glow and pop out of the background. Check out her new book.

Lynn McLain, AWS, NWS

He takes ordinary, every day objects and elevates them to center stage with an acute sense of photorealism. Looking at Lynn's Road Chatter series makes one realize that you have never really seen gravel before. How can anyone make dirt look so darn good?

Linda Moyer, NWS, WWW

Here is another artist with stunning work and her new book is out. After seeing her water lilies, I feel like taking a torch to mine. She is just plain good. Linda got Best of Show in the Challenge of the Champions, Houston, TX, 2003. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Peggy Zalucha, AWS, NWS
(watercolor, Websites, Graphic Design, etc.)

Now Peggy is an artist's artist. She runs her own commercial & fine arts studio, and still finds time to paint. Peggy has the best Website of any signature member of AWS and NWS. Her use of a long, skinny format (6 by 30 inches plus) influenced the cropping of my watercolors.

Suzy Smith, NWS
(watercolor, oil)

Check out the still lifes on this site. Suzy Smith is accomplished in both watercolor and oil painting.

Robert Highsmith, AWS, NWS (watercolor)

Robert Highsmith is an accomplished painter of landscapes who recently moved back to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Art Management Site

This is our companion site, where we showcase software and web services for artists. Our first product is the web site itself, where we provide a listing of upcoming national watercolor shows.

Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY

Contemporary fine art gallery established 1984, located in Chelsea , New York art galleries district. The public is invited to the gallery art openings receptions. Sponsor of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition and publisher of ARTisSpectrum magazine. Painters, sculptors and photographers are welcome to submit their portfolios for review.

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